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Read chapter one of Stars Uncharted

Only four weeks until Stars Uncharted is published.  Eek. It feels like only yesterday that we tentatively sent off three sample novels to our agent to say, “Which one do you think we should work with?”

Her answer, “Well, that was easy.”

And that’s how Stars Uncharted came about.  If you’re interested, you can read the first chapter now on our website.

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Wow. That’s some start to a story!! I hated having to stop, I already have it pre-ordered but I’m dying to find out what happens next, LOL

I had a question – in your newsletter you said you’d delivered the second book and was waiting on edits coming back – I assume this is a second book to Stars Uncharted?

You then go on to say “As for the next book……” which you say you’re thinking about a Linesman universe book so does that mean Stars Uncharted will be a two book series?

Only reason I ask is that everything now-a-days seem to be trilogies or epics which have multiple sequals (though I’m sure someone can put me right) to me so I found two books – different (for want of a better word).


I get the impression that series (trilogies, epics, and more) aren’t as popular in publishing as they used to be.

Maybe it’s just us, but there was no interest at all in doing a series for our second set of books.

The first set of books was a trilogy. The contract was three books and specifically mentioned they were to be about Ean Lambert. The second contract was for two books, the first of which was to be Stars Uncharted, while work #2 was a ‘to be determined science fiction novel’.

So yes, Stars Beyond is a sequel to Stars Uncharted, and it continues the story started in book Stars Uncharted, but there was no stipulation that the second book had to be a sequel. We have no plans (at least, not at present) of writing a third book although plans can change.

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