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Release day – Stars Uncharted

Stars Uncharted is now officially available.

Our thanks to the team who helped us create it. Our beta readers, our agent, our editor, the artists and designers, the copy-editors, marketing, all the assistants and everyone else along the way who was part of it. Thank you. We didn’t do this alone.


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I am number two on the library reserve list, so in less than two weeks now I should get my hands on it.

I wish. Our local library has a great Australian novels section, but not much SF. Luckily, for years we had friends who worked in another library not too far away, and their SF was much better.

Right, I saved the book for my holiday and only just back with access to internet.

I devoured it in a day (which meant I was up till the early hours and with two small children to wake early not a great combination but worth it!!)

I really enjoyed it and I have to admit I was a bit dubious but because I enjoyed linesman so much I was still excited to read another of your books.

It felt really different from linesman sometimes I find authors different series have a samey feel but it totally stands apart!

I did struggle a bit at the beginning on trying to keep track of characters and wondering do I need to remember this person or are they a throw away for the scene but other than that initial struggle I loved it!

Hoping it has done well for you so that we get a sequel.

I could just imagine Nika and Snow setting up a roaming shop sorry studio on board ship so they can mod as everyone else treasure hunts!

Thanks, Mike. Glad you enjoyed it.

We have a deleted scene, we might put it in the newsletter one day. It’s set on a station way on the fringe of the legal zone. The inhabitants have lots of money because they had a big mineral strike there. Nika and Snow set up a temporary studio there while the others are off treasure hunting. After all, Snow needs people to work on. The inhabitants take rather too well to modding, and they hatch a plan to keep Nika and Snow there, even after they’re due to leave.

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