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Slave driver

We found this rather addictive app on the iPad called Merge Dragons.  It’s a game that allows you do exactly what it says.  Merge dragons.

They have occasional weekend special games, where you get nice prizes if you go on and do the special event. The trick is to collect enough points to collect all the prizes.  The dragons harvest various seeds and you combine them to make something worth more points.

The higher level the plant is that the dragons click on, the better the harvest, and the more points

There are a lot of plants on the board, and only a small number of high-level plants. (It takes time to set them up.)  But you can force the dragons to harvest the plants you want.

I have two dragons. But these poor little creatures. All they want to do is collect hearts, and mean old me keeps double-clicking on the big old tree I want them to harvest.  If I give them time in between, off they fly to collect some more hearts, which is slow, and doesn’t get you many prizes.

So the only way to keep these little creatures on track is to double-click on the appropriate fruit tree immediately after they have harvested.

This is cracking the whip.  This is slavery.

I feel really bad.

So bad, I’m losing any stomach for finishing the game.

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Ha ha ha yes it’s very addictive I sell all my lower level items that the little dragons what to harvest and then put my phone down and leave them alone so half an hour to an hour then come back and merge anything they’ve collected. It’s fun but also Very addictive and means can’t use my phone!

I’ve been seriously neglecting my reading as well as I can’t concentrate enough to get into the story as I want to go back and see how the dragons are doing 😂

Life ruining fun?

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