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Sleeping in a cupboard

I love my cupboard. It is so cute and so just mine.

queensland rail single sleeper_1
This is the size of a single sleeper on the Brisabane to Cairns Sunlander. As you can see, it’s squeezy.

After GenreCon we decided to catch the train from Brisbane to Cairns. 30 hours by train. Naturally, we needed a sleeper (but not Queenslander class, because we both wanted bottom bunks). The single sleepers were the same price as the doubles. The single is the size of a cupboard. And I am sleeping in this cupboard tonight.

Queensland Rail single sleeper_3

Queensland Rail single jump seat
I’m 160cm tall. These photos are taken with me sitting either end of the carriage. First in the little jump seat, second in the main seat.
Queensland Rail single sleeper
Breathe in as you walk down the corridor. No room for overtaking or passing.


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