Status update

Image by Solarisys, Adobe Stock

I had planned to restart writing posts at the start of the new year, but I have a knee replacement due early February (the image above is what my knee feels like most of the time, now, especially if I need to do even moderate walking) so I’m holding until after that’s sorted. I hope to be posting again regularly toward the end of February.

Lots of changes for me personally, including that I stopped working. I’ve got writing time back, and so far it’s been really good.

Talk to you all after the new knee.

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Ouch, that’s quite the image! Wishing you a successful operation and a speedy recovery, Karen. All good wishes with the other changes in your life.

I can appreciate the delay as well as the aptness of the image. Sending good wishes for the February surgery.

I need a similar image for my shoulder, and for my foot. My knee mostly behaves itself. Sympathies. Best wishes for new knee.

Best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery!! Love your books and look forward to whatever you may write!

How is the surgery recovery coming along? Hopefully quite well! Can you share any book in progress updates?

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