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Sydney turned on a nice weekend

Need I say what this is? Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I went up to Sydney last week for a work conference. (Excellent conference, by the way, and the closing keynote speaker, Mike Monteiro, gave an wonderful, thought-provoking speech about ethics and design, using the current US political state, along with examples from businesses. He deserved the standing ovation we gave him.)

Breakfast this morning. Criniti’s, Darling Harbour

I convinced Sherylyn to come up for the weekend, afterwards. Sydney turned on lovely weather for us.

We do find it difficult to write on these breaks, however. (Although we did get some accounting done, believe it or not.)

View from our hotel window

So here are some pictures of Sydney. Mostly around Darling Harbour, because the first thing we do when we get to Sydney is find a ferry.


Boats on Darling Harbour
Another food place. This one at the hotel. It’s a hard life.

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