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Time out in Glenelg

While Sherylyn is conferencing, I'm living the hard life. Writing the book, of course.  :-).  By the time we leave I won't need to eat for another week.
While Sherylyn is conferencing, I’m living the hard life. Writing a book, of course.

We’re here in sunny Glenelg today.  [At least, it’s sunnier now than it was when we arrived on Thursday, believe me.]

Sherylyn’s at the RWA conference, I’m here writing.  It’s relaxing, and peaceful (for me, anyway).  Especially since I have the next week off and I’m looking forward to relaxing, and seeing more family.

Glenelg is a beautiful place. Very touristy.  I’d liken it to St Kilda in Melbourne, or Manly in Sydney.  Or even parts of the Gold Coast, only nowhere near as warm.  In summer, I imagine, it will be wall-to-wall people, but right now it’s pleasant. It’s got a buzz, it’s busy, but it’s not overcrowded.

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Hope you got alot out of RWA. If you can make it you should try RT booklovers convention in the States, i tend to go every few years as a reader and get lots of new author recomendations. Great for networking

Yes. Did get a lot out of RWA, thanks.

I’ve read some blogs about the RT booklovers convention — Vegas 2016. It sounded awesome.

A number of people at RWA recommended ARRA as well. Is that similar?

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