Watching the weather again

A foggy Melbourne morning. Needless to say, not great for commuting

On Friday, I checked the rain radar for the first time in 13 months.

Weather watching is something I do as a commuter, and at work. What’s the weather going to be like today? Do I need my umbrella? What about a coat? How hot will it be? What type of shoes should I wear?

Then, when I got to work, at lunchtime I’d look up the rain radar. Will I stay in the office? Go for a walk? If I walk to my favourite lunch place will I get wet? Have I got time before the rain holds off? Is it too hot to walk far?

I checked the temperature for the first month of lockdown, and then stopped. I never checked the rain radar at all? Why would I? We had a three kilometre limit on where we could go, and limited time to go anywhere. I wore similar clothes all year working from home. Loose, comfortable trousers, a loose, comfortable shirt. If it got cold I added socks and a cardigan, and if it got colder still, I turned the heater on (and sometimes even the other way around). It’s only now that I’m working back in the office two days a week that I’m thinking about weather again.

Hmm. Interesting statistic. I wonder if the hits on the Bureau of Meteorology website went down last year?

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So … apparently it was a five kilometre radius, not three. The COVID months are blended together in one big blur, and little has come out of it, even simple facts like that.

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