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We got hacked

We got hacked.

It’s one of the hazards of having an on-line presence, I guess, but it’s still unpleasant when it happens.

The funny thing is, while I don’t like that they got into our website, changed the permissions and inserted rogue code, what really upsets me is that they used our emails to generate spam.

The site is easy enough to fix. We have pre-hack backups and it was time for a redesign.

Emails, however, are your name and your reputation. Changing your email address is like changing your postal address. It’s a lot of work, you always miss notifying someone important. It’s not something you do quickly or lightly.

Besides, it’s your name. It’s how people know you. You don’t want to change your name.

So we wiped the site totally. It will be back better than ever as soon as we get the time to put it back up.

Emails though—we’ll reinstate them and hope for the best. With new passwords of course.

If you got spammed by us, we’re sorry.

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