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What book am I reading?

CherriesMangoes and Australian cherries have arrived in the supermarkets in quantity. They’re dropping in price and rising in quality. You can buy trays of avocados and mangoes, big punnets of strawberries, reasonably priced peaches and nectarines. And, of course, big tins of chocolates and lollies.

Christmas food in Australia.

It is less than three weeks to Christmas. Friends, family, holidays. Food. And more food. Work slows down (for some of us, at least). The papers and the internet are filled with guides to presents, and holiday quizzes.

I’m starting early, doing my own pre-Christmas mini-quiz.

Mini quiz

What book am I reading if:

  1. I adopt a kitten this Christmas and name her Penwiper?
  2. I set up an automated fireworks show (I know, permits) and let my dog press the button to start the show?
  3. I describe my new boss as, “younger than me, with hair blonder than mine, but her close-cut beard is black”?
  4. While driving, my mother hits a man wearing a rabbit suit; but there’s no law against hitting rabbits, is there?
  5. My parents get upset with me when I turn into a snake?

Answers next week.

2 replies on “What book am I reading?”

But you live in the heart of cherry country they are even fresher and cheaper than the supermarket.

Just sayin’

Yes. The cherries in the picture are from the supermarket and you can tell. Imagine if we’d bought them from Glenrowan. They’d be bigger, juicier, and a glorious rich dark red. (I’m salivating, just thinking about it.) And, like you say, much cheaper.

But not to worry, hope to have some ‘real’ cherries just before Christmas.

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