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Winter is here

Wnter is here
It’s not that cold here in Melbourne, but sometimes it feels like it. I can’t recall how many years ago it has snowed in Melbourne. It’s rare that it does, and the snow melts quickly.


We received the copy edits for Confluence on Friday.  3,397 revisions.  It sounds bad, but we’re getting better.  A good half of those seem to be comma-related.  Add commas, remove commas.  You’d think we’d know them by now, wouldn’t you?  There are a few places we had hyphens where our copy editor took them out, and vice versa.  (I nearly put a hyphen in there, but looked it up. It doesn’t need one.)

Around 3,000 of the changes are doubles. For example, add a comma, the whole word gets deleted and a new word with a comma is added.  So there are technically under 2,000 changes all up.

Meantime, it’s freezing here in Melbourne.  (Freezing for us is getting down to single digits Celsius. Not cold by many people’s standards, but it is by ours.)  I confess to staying inside a lot. Reading lots of books.

My long woollen coat has been getting a lot of wear.  Last year I wore it around ten days in total.

I’ve been on reading binge, catching up on things I haven’t had time to read while we’ve been writing.

I’ve churned through a lot of series books.  Interestingly, I have noticed that I have no trouble reading books one and two in a series, but the series has to really grab my attention for me to pick up book three.

(Chews fingernails, for Confluence is book three.)

I have friends who don’t like to read a series until the series is finished because they want to read them all at the same time.  Yet, if I have to wait for a third book, with the break in between, I think I’m more likely to read it.

Or maybe we should just write duologies in future.  🙂

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It’s getting exciting!

I’m one of those who would genuinely rather wait for a series to be finished before starting, but it’s rare I manage it. One of the few was Ann Aguirre’s Dred Chronicles, and it was a GLORIOUS binge that gave me epic book hangover. Plus, it’s a completely self defeating attitude, if everyone (or at least a lot of people) waits for a series to be completed its likely the publisher would kill it.

And don’t sweat too much on it being the third, most people I know who make it past a second book will then continue on until death or radical dismemberment.

I would love to wait for a series to be completed but can’t as I am very impatient! So what I usually find is I will re-read previous books in the series whilst waiting for the next. In fact I’m so bad at ‘trusting’ a new author (one I haven’t read before) that I will tend to re-read over starting a new book but occasionally I will and find gems like linesman or the Dred Chronicles (only read book 1 so far).

Can’t wait for November, early Christmas present for me to read book 3 although I’ll be sad that it’s the last one!

I would of course prefer not having to wait for the next book in the series, but I can always reread the previous books before I start on the latest one.
It depends on the timing between them though, and how the books are connected to each other. If they are tightly connected, I will start to lose interest after about six months. If there is more than a year between the parts, it will have to be a very good series.
For more independent parts it does not matter that much, but I will probably forget about the series after a year or so and not actively look for the next part.

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