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You write like a girl … or a guy

I have long believed that you can tell whether a book is written by a male or a female.  Now Teresa Frohock is trying to prove it one way or another.  Over on her blog she’s posting extracts–one a day–and you have to guess if it’s written by a male or a female.

She and another writer have brought together some SFF writers who have

… kindly pledged a sample of their work for us. Each author has written a short scene (approximately 500-1000 words) or a short-story and has chosen a pseudonym. There is a mix of men and women. I will post one scene or story a day (omitting weekends and holidays).

THE TASK: Tell us, based on the prose, whether the scene was written by a man or a woman.

Teresa Prohock, Gender bending along with a contest

She posted the first excerpt today. You have 24 hours to read it and decide if it was written by a man or a woman before she closes off the comments.


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