Progress report

Another progress report

I have writer’s block with Barrain right now. I’ve gone through the first 35,000 words and done a major tidy up of what’s there (until the next draft). Now I’m onto new work, and I am procrastinating. I can’t seem to get started.

My solution.

Skip the next 10-20,000 words and leave them for Sherylyn. That’s one of the beauties of writing with a partner.

I don’t normally leave such a big chunk of writing for her when I’m writing the first draft (or in this case the third). She’s a macro and micro-type person, fixing overall problems (plot holes, continuity) or otherwise getting right down to paragraphs and words. But I am stuck, and I need to move forward.

Who knows, we may find that we didn’t need those words anyway.

p.s. Where to put the apostrophe in writer’s block elicited good discussion in this writing household, and we’re still not sure.

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writers’ block = plural possessive (both of you can’t think what to write)
writer’s block = singular possessive (one of you can’t think what to write) though this post is 6 years old, proper grammar is timeless lol.

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