Book giveaway. Who wants to win a copy of Confluence?

Advance reader copies, or ARCs. Also known as galleys.

Advance reader copies, or ARCs. Also known as galleys.

The advance reader copies of Confluence arrived on Thursday. These are books but without the final proof read. They have typos. Hopefully not too many.

(I opened the book to a random page and the first thing I saw was a comma that shouldn’t be there. I hope we caught that one in the final proof. )

Beautiful white books with coloured covers. We were expecting plain green covers, as that’s what we’d had for the other two books.Β  Look at them. Aren’t they great?

We’re giving a book away.

If you want to win, comment on this blog post.Β  (i.e. Leave a Reply.)

If you’re reading this through Goodreads or Amazon or Facebook or any other feed, please note that you must come to the blog site to comment. Click on this link to get here.Β  (We’re asking you to come to the blog because last time it was hard to be sure that everyone’s comments got counted. Here they’re all in one place.)

Also, your comment must be on this blog post. Comments on other posts won’t count.

There are no location restrictions. We’ll send the book anywhere in the world.

Competition is open until next Sunday’s blog post (10am Australian Eastern Standard time on Sunday 2 October).

Once the competition closes, we’ll use the wholly scientific method of putting all names into a hat (or in our case it, the big aluminium mixing bowl) and we’ll draw a name out.

So if you want to read Confluence early, comment here.

confluence_giveaway_2Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway.

We ended up choosing three names.

O. Jimenez, Kristine Friday Ahlskog and trishhenry–we’ll be in touch soon.







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  1. trishhenry -

    Super excited to enhale your books! It was a lucky day for me when I saw a book reccomendation on another blog. Many happy hours reading and rereading. Yay! Congratulations on your upcoming book!

  2. Paul Grogan -

    Just finished the first two; I really enjoyed the new way you have of looking at SF classical situations. The concept of the Lines is great. Really looking forward to this book

  3. Spencer Collier -

    I can’t wait to read this last book in this series and hope for many more books within this universe. I have found in this new authors that I can buy their books sight unseen and know that I will be well entertained. Thanks for all that you both do to bring these books to us.

  4. Sam -

    Yay for next book! sad that it is the last of the Linesman universe for a while. Looking forward whatever you give us to read next πŸ™‚

  5. Mike -

    Ooh you must be so excited to receive them!! And I’m sure it is only a coincidence that you managed to find something on your first look. Hey even if you did miss some we’ll over look them just to read the final instalment. Can’t wait to get it although ‘my authors’ all seem to be releasing books at the same time. Need to get reading so I’m free when Confluence is released.

    • Janaki -

      ‘my authors’… Which are the ones you are reading/awaiting? anything in the same lines (pun intended)?

      • Mike -

        Hi Janaki, I must admit I’m terrible when it comes to reading a new author as I’m very picky but through recommendations from one Author, who I love (Ilona Andrews), I discovered the wonderful authors whose site we are now on. Also through her I got into Sarah J Maas (who has just released a book so I’ve been frantically re-reading before starting the new one) and with Ilona releasing a new book last week I don’t think I will have time to re-read her series before diving into the new book not if I want to be in a position to re-read linesman and alliance before confluence comes out!

        Any new recommendations are always welcome as I do like to try new things despite my opening sentence :o)

        • Janaki -

          Hi Mike, I enjoyed Ilona Andrews’ books too.
          I haven’t found many authors in the fantasy genre who manage to write a good plot and still keep the story fun! I enjoy Nora Roberts. Missed Sarah J Maas. I’ll try and get a couple of her books to begin with πŸ™‚ .. Thanks for that!
          Just started reading Jim Butcher’s books (Dresden series). So far it looks interesting…

          In Sci-fi, Jean Johnson’s First Salik War series was alright..

          Any suggestions in Action category? (No horrors please! I need to sleep at night! πŸ˜› )

          • Mike -

            I love Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Also Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels and The Others novels are good though a bit darker.

            Hoping that the book Sherylyn and Karen are currently working on will get published as definitely would like to read more after Confluence comes out.

          • Janaki -

            Hi Mike. Couldn’t find the reply button after your post. So replying to mine..!
            Thanks for the suggestions.
            I too would love to see what else Sherylyn and Karen will come up with.. πŸ™‚

  6. tanya -

    Would love to win this super excited can;t wait to read the third book loved the first two.

  7. Kristine Friday Ahlskog -

    Thanks for this opportunity to win! They are beautiful books, just like the story! I was able to get my daughter to read these and she even bought her own copies!

  8. Alisa Maas -

    I would love a copy! Very much looking forward to the release! πŸ™‚

  9. James R Caplan -

    Already pre-purchased the book on Amazon, but would love to read it earlier.

  10. Tasha -

    Ooooh…it’s almost time for Confluence! Yay!! Would love to get an ARC, in spite of already pre-purchasing the ebook!

  11. Phyllis -

    Yes, please enter me for the ARC. Delayed gratification is over-rated. Thanks.

  12. Janaki P -

    Thanks for the opportunity! btw, have you already released an excerpt for this?

  13. Jenn -

    Very exciting, huge fan… your books and would love to get one early, good luck everyone

  14. Afeefa Zaman -

    I waaaaaaaant!
    I really love your books. It makes me feel happy, to read them, and when I’m finished, I immediately want more.

  15. Deb -

    Yes please !
    Your books are awesome and I’d love to read Confluence early πŸ™‚

  16. Beth B -

    I would love an advanced copy! The Linesman books are some of my favorite SF. πŸ˜€

  17. O. Jimenez -

    I’m sure this installment will be as great as the previous two. Can’t wait!

  18. Kat S. -

    I went to a panel about Ace books at DragonCon, and they mentioned Linesman. I was curious, so I bought the ebook then and there. I bought the sequel by the time I was a quarter of the way through the first.

    Can’t wait to get the third book!

  19. Martina Dittmar -

    I just checked your homepage for news about your books. And what a wonderful surprise – a new book will be released. I just so much forward to Confluence. I enjoyed the first ones so much. Locking forward to the release date.

  20. Richard Westerveld -

    I’ve probably read at least 2 or 3 thousand Sci-Fi books since the first when I was a teenager. From the “classics” to what some folks seem to think passes for science fiction today. Most of today’s authors don’t seem to write really good stories; they either get caught up in technicalities, politics, character development, or else a “blah” story line; which is one of the reasons I’ve switched more to “action adventure” than sci-fi recently.

    While the Linesman novels are not totally unique as far as general story line goes (I vaguely recall a few stories from about 20 years ago that had similar plots, though with different details); they keep a very good balance between technical details, characters, and the universe containing them. So far, the action moves smoothly, there haven’t been any dull parts that makes one want to page forward a bit, and, in general, the tech isn’t so “out there” that it’s difficult to believe it might actually be possible.

    I’d have to say that so far this series reminds me of exactly the kind of stories I used to read – and enjoy – back in the “good old days.” I just wish more authors – and books – could be said to do the same.

  21. ptitelau -

    This is awesome! I really like the cover and I’m really looking forward to the next installment. I like the first two very much.


  22. Young scrapper -

    I’ve preordered your third book and purchsed your first two as ebooks and audible. I’m listening to Alliance right now! I would love to be a lucky winner in your contest. πŸ™‚

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