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Can you recognise this book, movie or play from a couple of words?

Whoa.  This year is zooming by.  This post comes to you an hour earlier than normal, courtesy of daylight savings, which started last night.  We were just saying this morning how lovely it was to wake to full daylight, too.  (I’m not sure whether to be happy or concerned that this year all the clocks in my house adjusted their time automatically.  Including my chill alarm clock, because everything’s online.)

At work we’ve already started the mad scramble to Christmas.  Booking holidays, booking end-of-year functions.  Honestly, once upon a time we’d just book the local pub a couple of days before our end-of-year party and we’d all trundle down.  Nowadays, you book in October, or earlier, and places can still be booked out.

In no time at all, it’ll be 2019.

But, in the meantime, let’s have some fun.  There are some words and phrases that you can instantly associate with a book, a television series, a movie, or even a play.

“I’ll be back,” for example, is forever associated with the Terminator movies.  So here’s a list of—for us—well known words or phrases that we associate with a specific book, movie, television series, poem or play.

How many do you know?

  1. 42
  2. A handbag
  3. As you wish
  4. Beam me up
  5. Elementary
  6. Frankly, my dear
  7. Friends, Romans, countrymen
  8. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty
  9. Houston, we have a problem
  10. I aten’t dead
  11. It’s just a flesh wound
  12. More [like] guidelines, rather than rules
  13. My preciousss
  14. No man is an island
  15. Shaken, not stirred
  16. The best laid plans
  17. To infinity and beyond
  18. We don’t know where he are
  19. What is best in life?
  20. You can’t handle the truth

2 replies on “Can you recognise this book, movie or play from a couple of words?”

OOOO What fun! I didn’t recognize a few, but more than a few I definitely did. I’m hoping #8 is from the first KD book because I loved that scene!

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