Loki image courtesy of Disney Plus
Loki image courtesy of Disney Plus.

Disney released Loki in June. We held off for a month and a bit—until the whole series had run, but that wasn’t deliberate—then we caved. We wanted to see it, and Disney Plus offers a month-by-month subscription.

So we succumbed.

Only to discover our television is too old to get Disney Channel.

Not a problem.  Let’s plug the PC into the smart TV and watch it from there.

Ah, yes, but last time we did that we weren’t using our one-and-only HDMI cable for the sound bar we had attached to the television.  (Our COVID gift to ourselves because we found we were watching a lot more TV and the native sound was awful. It’s an old TV. 😊)

Let’s get a new cable.

Just one tiny problem. We’re two days into a snap lockdown and we only have five reasons to go out for anything. Some of us might consider an HDMI cable a necessity, it’s not.  So we ordered one online and settled in to wait.  It’s coming on Tuesday.

Today, we decided to watch Loki on the PC, anyway.

How was it, you ask?

Well, the first episode I thought we’d made a mistake and wasted our money. 

For those of you who felt the same but chose not to go any further, it gets better. A lot better.

It took a day, but we watched all six episodes, and I’m looking forward to series two.

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I like most Marvel stuff and it was ok but I felt nothing really happened and I’ve felt the same about the other two series preceding unfortunately but I’m a Marvel geek so will come back for more and hopefully get less disappointment

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