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More cat pictures, please

“And then Mrs Wiggles the cat, and Martha the girl, went up the ramp, and the spaceship took off.”

(If you haven’t recognised it, the title of this post is a play on Naomi Kritzer’s Cat Pictures Please, which won the 2016 Hugo and 2016 Locus Award for best short story, and was also a Nebula nominee for the same. You can read it on Clarkesworld magazine.)

Sometimes, all you want is something beautiful, but the news is depressing and everywhere you look, people are doing horrible things to each other.  So, today, I present to you … cat (and dog) pictures.

2 replies on “More cat pictures, please”

My goodness. Never going to let any cats near the television when we’re watching horror.

Maybe better, don’t watch horror myself.

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