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Rattling the skeleton

Just for the record, as I write this, I now have a toothache. Psychosomatic?

Teeth are part of your skeleton.  They’re the only part of your skeleton that you actually clean.

Sherylyn went to the dentist the other day and had her teeth cleaned. She said she could feel the vibration of it all the way through her body. It gave her a massive headache, so bad she went to bed for rest of the day in an effort to stave off a migraine.

If you’ve read LINESMAN, you’ll understand that the way she described it later made it sound like a cross between a pneumatic drill and that bit in LINESMAN where Michelle puts her head down and says, “My bones hurt.”

Next day, Sherylyn thought she was better, so off she went to work. But the headache, plus the glare from the computer screen and the concentrated heat/light coming in the window, all combined to bring the migraine on.

Splat, down she went.

Those of you who’ve had migraines, or know people who’ve had migraines, know just how bad that can be. She’s recovered now, but … all from the vibrations of having her teeth cleaned.

The human body is amazing.

In unrelated news

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