Release day

Yay! Release day.

Alliance_200x323We’ve been so busy it was actually yesterday, now, but … our book’s out.

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  1. Mike - Reply

    Yay, already read it!!! Now have to wait for the third! :o( I’m not good at waiting but hoping I wont have to wait too long ;o)

  2. Karen - Reply

    Penguin have it on their site as coming on 29 November. (We haven’t officially had a date yet.)

    • Mike - Reply

      I could easily wait till 29th November as it is sooner than I was expecting! :o) But I guess it depends on number of edits required. Fingers crossed for a smooth release!

      • Karen - Reply

        Our fingers are crossed too. Right now the manuscript is one massive sea of red revision marks. This story looks as if it might go back and forth a couple of times.

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