Serial quiz answers

So, finally, the answers to the quiz on our last post. Congratulations, between you, you got all five.

Series 1

Protagonist ‘finds’ lost things. He started off looking for a spaceship, but he’s really worried about the bike stole from his cousin and used to run away to space when he (protag, not the cousin) was sixteen. In book three, he’s looking for lost sheep.

Our protagonist here is Fergus Ferguson, of Suzanne Palmer’s Finder Chronicles. The third book, The Scavenger Door, came out on 17 August and guess what I was doing the night of the 17th. Our type of book, a rollicking space opera with lots of action, alien mods and great characters.

Highly recommended.

Series 2

Progatonist can’t remember much about her past before the pirates picked her up. All she knows is that she has a dragon tattoo that moves around her body.

The protagonist here is Tate, from T. A. White’s Dragon Ridden Chronicles. It reads as a fantasy, but its bones are science fiction, set in a world that has forgotten its origins.

The first book was published in 2012. Book 5, Where Dragons Collide, came out in July of this year.

I enjoyed the Dragon Ridden books, but I love more another of T. A. White’s series, and that’s her Firebird Chronicles. It’s A space opera, three books so far, and there’s a fourth to come, I hope. If you like Suzanne Palmer’s Finder Chronicles and, dare I compare, Ilona Andrews Sweep of the Blade, you’ll might enjoy the Firebird Chronicles as well.

Series 3 (sort of)

Our protagonist can pick out things about what happens when a person dies. He’s used in cases where someone is murdered but they don’t know who committed the crime. This time he’s looking to find what happened to a young elven woman who was thrown into the river. Politics and murder at a leisurely pace.

A couple of people picked this one out. The protagonist here is Thara Celehar, and the book is Katherine Addison’s Witness for the Dead, which is the second book set in the world of the Goblin Emperor. I enjoyed the book—love all of Sarah Monette’s (aka Katherine Addison’s books). Not as much as I loved The Goblin Emperor, but that book is a hard act to follow, because I loved, loved, loved that book.

Series 4

Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games in this coming-of-age boarding school story, where students are dumped in a boarding school and they survive, or don’t.

Easy book this one. Naomi Novik’s The Last Graduate, from her Scholomance series. This one came out last Tuesday, and I held off reading it during the work week (especially after my August 17 readathon). I cracked it open first thing after work on Friday and kept reading till I finished it.

I thought it was a two-book series—after all this is their graduate year—but after that ending there had better be a third. That’s all I can say.

Series 5

Our protagonist returns to the village of his birth, having failed out of university, already infamous because of his father’s betrayal in the army, and gets dragged into capers with his best friend. A light-hearted historical series where two young men solve magical mysteries, all based around a theme of food.

The protagonist here is Jemis Greenwing, of Victoria Goddard’s Greenwing and Dart series.

I confess it took time to get into this series. I bought Stargazy Pie, the first book, a couple of years ago but I didn’t finish it at the time. Another book of hers, The Hands of the Emperor, caught my eye recently. I read that, then the follow-on book which had just come out and looked around for other books of hers to read. Turned out I already had Stargazye Pie, so I gave that a go, enjoyed it enough to read the next, and then went though the rest. I don’t know if I just got to know the characters better, or if the storyline appealed more as it went on but I really enjoyed book five, and hope she’ll do a book six.

Thanks for participating. Hope you enjoyed the quiz.

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Thanks so much for the Greenwing and Dart recommendation. I’m now on book three and loving the series. I’d never heard of it before.

It’s funny, because as I said, I started to read it some time back — not long after reading Martha Grimes’ Richard Jury/Melrose Plant novel Stargazy — and I obviously wasn’t in the mood for it then. I am glad I came back to it, and I’d really like to see what happens next.

Ooooh, yay, I’m desperate for more good books! Such a shame that I read them so much faster than all y’all can write them. 😉

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