Serial quiz time

We’re all spending lot of time at home nowadays, so here’s a book quiz to help while away the time.

As per the title, these are books that are part of a series, and I’m looking for the author and the name of the series. All books are speculative fiction.

Series 1

Protagonist ‘finds’ lost things. He started off looking for a spaceship, but he’s really worried about the bike stole from his cousin and used to run away to space when he (protag, not the cousin) was sixteen. In book three, he’s looking for lost sheep.

Three book series, last one was published recently.

Series 2

Progatonist can’t remember much about her past before the pirates picked her up. All she knows is that she has a dragon tattoo that moves around her body.

A five-book series, the first book is nine years old now.

Series 3 (sort of)

Our protagonist can pick out things about what happens when a person dies. He’s used in cases where someone is murdered but they don’t know who committed the crime. This time he’s looking to find what happened to a young elven woman who was thrown into the river. Politics and murder at a leisurely pace.

Not a sequel, but a follow-on book using one of the minor characters from the first book. The first book is much-loved.

Series 4

Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games in this coming-of-age boarding school story, where students are dumped in a boarding school and they survive, or don’t.

Book one was out last year. Book two is coming soon, and it’s on my pre-order list.

Series 5

Our protagonist returns to the village of his birth, having failed out of university, already infamous because of his father’s betrayal in the army, and gets dragged into capers with his best friend. A light-hearted historical series where two young men solve magical mysteries, all based around a theme of food.

This author’s latest books aren’t part of this series, but these five books are part of the same world.

A couple of these are somewhat obscure. See if you can work out what they are.

Answers next week. Have fun.

11 replies on “Serial quiz time”

Wow, only one I knew was 4 and that was because I loved the book! A Deadly Education. Can’t wait for the next one!

I recognised Deadly Education, Dragon Ridden chronicles by TA White, and wondered if one was Witness for the Dead but haven’t read it yet as was only available on paper not kindle in New Zealand.

I got the Dragon Ridden Chronicles by TA White, Deadly Education and The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik, and the Greenwing and Dart Series by Victoria Goddard. Now that people mention Witness for the Dead, I recognize that. But I’m stumped on Series 1!

The only one I got was the Scholomance books by Naomi Novik (reading The Last Graduate now and trying to make it last as long as possible!).

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