On writing

Stranger in a strange land

Ideas come from everywhere.

On Twitter at the moment there’s a tweet going around about Pet, the sheep, who was brought up with family dogs.

According to her owner, ‘Pet’ was an orphaned lamb who was brought up with the family’s four collies. She thinks the oldest dog is her mother, sleeps in the same basket and followed her everywhere from a very young age.

Watch the video. Watch this one too.

This one’s from a site called Tastefully offensive.

Look at the way she jumps, at the way she wags her tail, at the way she pricks her ears up. This sheep considers herself a dog. I don’t know if she’s ever met another sheep? How would she fare if she did?

How does she get on with strange dogs?

There is so much to Pet’s story. All you need is a little imagination.

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