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Cover art for Stars Uncharted

Having a book published takes time, but there are landmarks along the way.

Selling the book. That’s a given.

Signing the contract, which can often happen later than you expect it to.

Delivery and acceptance, which is when your editor finally says, “Yes, I’m happy with the edits you have made to this book.”

Copy edits, when you start to see what the finished book looks like.

The first time you see the cover.

Advanced reader copies, when you get physical books to hand out to people.


The first time you see the cover

The first time you see your cover, however, isn’t necessarily the first time you can share it.  We first saw a cover for Stars Uncharted in early November.  It went through another iteration after that, and we saw the nearly-final one in early December.  Even then, you can’t show anyone until the publishing team sign it off.  So you end up sitting on this awesome cover, bursting to show someone, and you can’t.

So here we present, at long last, the cover for Stars Uncharted.

We think it’s awesome. Don’t you.

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Yes definitely a cover which would inspire me to get a closer look (even if I wasn’t going to already!)

Can’t wait to read it – bet you’re both stoked!!

With ARCs are they just to gauge how the book might be received or do changes happen from what the readers think? For example if they all disliked a section of the story.

ARCs – advanced reader copies (also sometimes called galleys or galley proofs) are mostly a publicity/marketing thing. They’re sent out to reviewers in the hope that they’ll review it. Early, positive early reviews generate buzz and make other people want to read the book. Especially if the reviewer recommends it to other people.

ARCs are basically the finished book, except that it hasn’t gone through the last copy edit. So there might be typos, maybe a couple of tiny continuity problems (hopefully not, because the book is typeset by now and it’s difficult to make anything except small changes) but it’s close to the finished article.

By the time the ARC comes out it’s too late to do anything if the readers don’t like sections of the book.

Writers (or we as writers, anyway) love them because it’s the first time you get a book to hold in your hands. Even if it’s not the final copy.

As for the final copies, we received Linesman a few weeks before publication, but for us, Alliance and Confluence came quite close to the actual publication date. Meaning we received the final, published versions not long before anyone else did.

Back cover blurb – no, not released. We have seen it, though.

Interestingly, for all the Linesman books, the back cover blurb was close to what was put out on the PRH book site, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. This time, even though it covers similar ground, it’s quite different.

Thanks, Jane.

We’ll post an excerpt as soon as we get the okay from our editor. From memory, the last two times it was 3-4 months before the book came out, so we’re thinking it will be around April.

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