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The Last Jedi

Star Wars Kirigami, from the Star Wars site,
This amazing kirigami (paper craft) spaceship created by Marc Hagan Guirey, from his latest book Star Wars Kirigami. Image from

We saw The Last Jedi the other day.

Too many movies have given away the whole story in the trailers, so before we went, I tried very hard to avoid reading or seeing anything about The Last Jedi.

Over Christmas-new year break the internet was full of opinions about the latest Star Wars movie.  I tried to avoid them, but I could still see that there was controversy about the movie.  Some people liked it; some people appeared to hate it.

I was strong. I didn’t read any reviews or spoiler-nominated articles. I stuck to the entertainment news, like the red carpet, with Kelly Marie Tran becoming excited when she saw someone cosplaying her character.

The theatre was nearly full.  Not bad for the first session of the day for a movie that had been out three weeks.

The Last Jedi was wonderful.  I enjoyed it. And Rose, you are as great as the actress playing you. Can’t wait to see you in the next movie.

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