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Thor: The Dark World. They should make more movies like this

By which you can guess that I enjoyed Thor 2. A lot.

I was a little worried because watching the trailers I got the impression Jane had been dumbed down, made more girly. But she hadn’t.

Thor/Loki? What can I say that others haven’t? Loki needs a hero to play off against and Thor is perfect.

The bad guy was a one-dimensional stereotype, but it didn’t spoil the fun. Imagine how awesome the movie would have been if they’d given us a better bad guy.

One minor quibble. If you dump a car in a neighbourhood like that, it’s not just going to be covered in graffiti and have it’s windows smashed in. It’s going to be up on chocks, all four tyres missing and the battery gone. No-one, just no-one, is going to get in it and simply drive away. (But I loved that they did, anyway.)

I’m off to buy the soundtrack to add to our ‘music to write by’ collection.

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