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Went to see Justice League

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Series fatigue.

It gets to us all in the end.

I love superhero movies.  But I didn’t see either of the big superhero movies of 2016.  Batman vs Superman, or Captain America: Civil War.  At the time I’d seen too many of them, and it was all just ‘meh’.

There were other things to do when the movies first came out. By the time I was ready see them, they’d gone.  I wasn’t fussed.

I think that if I was watching them now, I would have enjoyed them both.  Back then, I’m not so sure.

There’s a thing about series. When you’ve been inundated with them, each series item has to be better than the one before, because it’s not new and fresh any more.

Unless you have a break, as I did.

I saw Justice League today, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sure, I can point to slow parts.  It was an origin movie, after all, and we had to meet them all, and get a teeny bit of their lives into it as well.  (I suspect, if it was our story, both our editor and agent would say, “Too many people.”)  All those backstories didn’t leave much time for the main plot line.  But as I said, I enjoyed it.

One day I might go back and watch the other two movies. I might not, either.

Until then, I’m glad I held off, because I wasn’t jaded when I went to see this one.

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Justice League was Fantastic! This was for all the comic book and super hero fans and the DC Extended Universe delivered! There was plenty of action throughout, the plot was straightforward and it flowed well. It was a great time seeing 6 of the DC characters we know and love finally get together for the first time on the big screen and their characterization and interaction was enjoyable and on par. This is not a movie laden with thought provoking questions or deals with heavy social issues. It’s just good guys vs bad guys and it goes great with popcorn!

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