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Christmas Santas

Taking a leaf from John Scalzi’s “View from the hotel window” when he’s out of town. This is the view from our motel window in Donald.

We stopped in the township of Donald the other day. Very hot, very dry. I always think the Wimmera/Mallee in summer is another world.  And it wasn’t even summer then, only spring.

They had their Christmas decorations up, including paintings on the windows.  Every few shops along the way the windows had pictures of Santa on them, and the Santas were shop-appropriate (if that’s a word).

Kudos to the artist, whoever you are.

Sun glare and reflection were real problems, so the photos have a lot of both in them. But you get the gist.

It’s heavy work delivering all those presents. Even Santa gets a meal break.

A local cafe.

While his helper elf made do with a coffee. Like the rest of us, elves love their coffee.

Another cafe.

Even Santa has to pay for dinner. Or maybe he’s buying more presents.

One of the local banks.

And when all the presents are delivered, Santa and his elves get to sit down and do a little celebrating of their own.

No prizes for guessing this one was on the local pub.

And finally, Santa gets his own present (from Mrs Santa) and gets to sit down and read his new book.

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